Balchug Capital 2023

Leading emerging

markets event-driven and value specialists

Who we are

Balchug Capital is a leading emerging markets investment manager specializing in long/short event-driven and value strategies. The Firm was founded in 2010 by David Amaryan, who serves as Chief Executive Officer and oversees all investment activity.

David is an accomplished investment manager and emerging markets specialist, with a successful career spanning two decades in various international financial institutions in Moscow and New York.

What we do

We seek to deliver exceptional risk adjusted returns with low correlation to the markets by identifying mispriced securities, with clear catalysts that will significantly rerate them.

Our approach is active management, with highly concentrated, high conviction liquid portfolios. Deep local knowledge, high quality internal research and absolute compliance with the strategy and risk management guidelines offer our investors unique opportunities not accessible by simply buying an index.

While our strategies are adapted to each individual market, discipline is at the core of our approach, which is standardized and based on clear guidelines – with no exceptions.

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